Uniform Packages for 2019-2020

For the 2019-2020 season we will be wearing the same white jersey from last season that was worn by all LRJ players.  If you already own this jersey and it still fits, you will not be required to purchase a new one.  This jersey is not included in the uniform package and will be an additional charge, if needed.

Regional and Regional Plus team players will receive a new cardinal jersey included in your uniform package along with new spandex, kneepads, socks and shoes.

National team players will receive two new jerseys incuded in their uniform package, one cardinal and one blue, along with new spandex, kneepads, socks and shoes.

All players are required to have the warm up jacket and pants that were also worn last season.  If you already own these items and they still fit, you will not be required to purchase new ones.  These items are not included in the uniform package and will be an additional charge, if needed

Number Conflicts:  Players on a team that have a number conflict, because each has last year's jersey, will be resolved by allowing the player that has the longest tenure with LRJ to decide first to either keep or change her number.  LRJ will absorb the cost of the new jersey on behalf of the player that ends up having to change their number.

Uniform Fitting Schedule

The Uniform fitting schedule will be available soon.

Please pay attention to your team’s assigned slot.  We schedule teams at certain times to keep everyone spread out as much as possible and to hopefully keep the lines down.

All Players must attend to ensure proper sizing of your uniform package items!

If you cannot make your assigned time slot:

1.     First and foremost we encourage everyone to adhere to the schedule.  If everyone ignores it and comes when they want it will be chaotic and the lines will be long.

2.     If you absolutely, positively cannot attend during your team’s assigned time slot you may come at another time.
  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO NOTIFY US FIRST.  We trust you to be honest about your situation.

3.     If you are out of town on both dates, please try and find another player you know to place your order for you.  It is helpful if you know someone of the same body shape to ensure sizing is correct.

4.     If you are out of town on both dates, and do not know anyone else in the club that can place your order for you, please email info@lrjuniors.com with your Name, the player’s name and team name and your contact information and someone will contact you to discuss options.

Sizing Issues:  We will be placing a custom Mizuno apparel order based on your order.  If upon delivery, your items do not fit, we will not have the ability to exchange them out for you.  This is why it is so important that you attend the fitting if at all possible.

Location:  Oak Park Baptist Church, 8200 Flintridge Road, Little Rock, AR 72210




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